Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Now Available - The Lunch Affair!

See who's cumming over for lunch - and dessert! The Lunch Affair!

Jack's coming over for lunch, and there's only one thing stopping him from taking Amanda right there on the dining room table - Amanda's husband Steven! But when they sneak off to have their naughty affair, is Steven in on the secret? This 4500 word story contains frantic sex and sexy swingers! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Sneak Peek! The Lunch Affair

When Amanda and her husband Steven invite their friend Jack over for lunch, their guest can't keep his hands off of her - even though her husband is in the next room!


As they entered the kitchen, they turned right, out of view of the dining room, and kissed deeply. Jack wrapped Amanda in his arms and pulled her body into his as their lips locked. She could feel his wiry arms through his shirt as he held her, and also felt his erection press against her crotch. He moved a hand to cup one of her breasts through her dress as she reached around and grabbed onto his firm butt.

Amanda broke their kiss and whispered frantically to him. “What are you doing? Steven is right out there! We can’t do this here!”

Jack kissed her again, and whispered into her mouth. “I know, but I haven’t seen you in months. I need you, Amanda.” His breath was hot on her lips, and as he spoke, he moved his hand down from her breast and up underneath her dress. He drew a finger along her labia and she moaned quietly. Withdrawing his hand, he drew it up to his face, and Amanda could see her arousal coating his finger. He licked her wetness from his finger and hummed, a low, almost inaudible, but powerfully sexy, sound. “And you know you need me, too.”

She couldn’t deny him. They hadn’t had sex in months, and Amanda ached to feel him insider of her again. She leaned forward and kissed him again, tasting herself on his tongue. At the same time her hands reached down and pulled down the zipper of his trousers. She reached in past his boxers and wrapped one of her hands around his cock. She savored the warm, smooth feeling of his skin as she pulled his dick free from his pants, and knelt down in front of him.

At previous encounters, when they had a whole evening together in private, Amanda would suck Jack’s cock slowly, exploring every inch with her tongue and lips. He was a bit larger than most men, but she had no trouble taking him completely into her mouth. She would take her time, enjoying the sensation of having him in her mouth. But now, she was going out of her mind with lust, and her husband was mere feet away. She opened her mouth, and took the entirety of Jack’s cock at once. He gasped lightly and put his hands on either side of her head as she bobbed back and forth, sucking and licking his manhood.

“Everything okay in there?” Steven called out from the other room. Amanda bobbed her head on Jack’s prick once more, before turning towards the door to the dining room and shouting, “Yep, everything’s good. Be out in a second.” 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Movie Night Gangbang Now Available!

Coming now to a XXX eReader near you, Movie Night Gangbang!

Sara's always had fantasies about being roughly used by several men at once, and while watching a movie with some of her closest male friends, she lets her secret slip out. When they learn about her fantasy, they help her make it a reality - right then and there! This steamy 4200 word story contains no holes barred intense, graphic group sex!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sneak Peak! Movie Night Gangbang

Here's a sneak preview at an upcoming release, Movie Night Gangbang.


Her favorite scene hadn’t come yet, but Sara already felt a tingling between her legs thinking about it. She could feel her face and breasts flush, and was glad that all the lights were off. With her low cut top, her excitement would have been obvious to everyone else in the room.

She leaned back against the couch, and knew without looking that Tim would be struggling with a dilemma, sitting behind her - watch the movie, or stare at her ample cleavage. She knew that, no matter how much he resisted, he would look at her breasts - he always did, he couldn’t help himself, especially when he thought that she didn’t know. She always knew, however. Tim was a subtle as a jackhammer.

She didn’t mind, and frequently wore shirts with deeper necks when they hung out together. She knew it was mean to tease him like that, but she liked the attention. Sara thought Tim was cute, after a fashion. He was small, in stature and in build, the youngest of the group, with a boyish face and strong jaw that could not grow a beard no matter how much he tried. 

Justin and Luke, however, were another story. Similar enough in looks to be brothers, both men were fit and very handsome. They rowed together in crew at college, and still had their burly arms and barrel chests, which they had kept though regular weightlifting over the few years since they had graduated. Sara found them both incredibly attractive, but had never done anything with Tim, and only made out with Justin while drunk at a party.

She was lost in her fantasies when she heard Luke speak. “Uh oh, she’s in trouble.”

Sara turned her attention back to the movie, and recognized the hallway that the woman was hurriedly walking down - this was it! This was the scene from the trailer! 

Princess' Slutty Fantasy Come True Now Available!

New Release! Princess' Slutty Fantasy Come True

Here's an except from my newly published erotic short story, "Princess' Slutty Fantasy Come True":


"Thanks to you, and your companions," Aluriel began, "the kingdom is safe once more. For defeating the treacherous witch Khemma and freeing those enslaved to her will, the kingdom owes you a debt of gratitude beyond words." She gazed down at the two men as she spoke, and was slightly startled when Darius arose and began to ascend the dais. She knew that plainsmen were uncouth and barely civilized, even for humans, but surely even a barbarian would know not to approach a princess so directly. She didn't allow the shock she felt to appear on her face, but she faltered in the speech she had prepared for this moment. By the time she resumed, Darius stood in front of her, his rugged face and broad shoulders towering over her.

"Ask for whatever reward you desire, and it shall be yours," Aluriel said, her voice faltering ever so slightly as she looked up into the plainsman's dark, impassioned eyes.  He captured her gaze with those eyes, held her firm. She didn't move as she saw him raise a hand from the corner of her eye, didn't flinch as she felt his rough fingers trace gently along her cheek, and remained entranced as his hand caressed the back of her neck.

"What I want," Darius spoke, his voice deep and commanding, his breath smelling faintly of cinnamon on the air, "is you." He bent his head down, pulling her mouth closer to his.


"Wait, hold on. You want to what?" April looked up from her notes, over the rim of the game master's screen.

"You heard me," Derrek said. "I want to seduce the princess." Derrek smiled as he spoke, and Mike began laughing across the dinner table where they all sat. The bewildered look didn't leave April's face.