Saturday, April 7, 2012

Office Sex Doubleteam! Seducing the Senior Partner and Dominating the Boss!

I've been a bad girl about keeping the blog up to date with new releases, so to beg your forgiveness, here's two new stories at once! Two very different tales of sex at the office - if one's not up your alley, try the other on for size (that is, if you don't swing both ways...)

Seducing the Senior Partner

Samuel Lockheart - the distinguished, older gentleman - is a senior partner at the law firm and Dawn's boss. He's also the man of her dreams, even though he is her boss, as old as her father! When Dawn learns Mr. Lockheart has feelings for her, she decides to risk it all and show him just how badly she wants him!

Dominating the Boss

Jessica Steele is a ruthless, heartless ice queen, and David's boss. When she denies David the vacation he's been planning for months, it's the last straw, and he explodes. Imagine his surprise when she pulls out a collar, puts it around her neck, and kneels before him, begging him to punish her!