Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Release! Princess' Slutty Fantasy Come True

Here's an except from my newly published erotic short story, "Princess' Slutty Fantasy Come True":


"Thanks to you, and your companions," Aluriel began, "the kingdom is safe once more. For defeating the treacherous witch Khemma and freeing those enslaved to her will, the kingdom owes you a debt of gratitude beyond words." She gazed down at the two men as she spoke, and was slightly startled when Darius arose and began to ascend the dais. She knew that plainsmen were uncouth and barely civilized, even for humans, but surely even a barbarian would know not to approach a princess so directly. She didn't allow the shock she felt to appear on her face, but she faltered in the speech she had prepared for this moment. By the time she resumed, Darius stood in front of her, his rugged face and broad shoulders towering over her.

"Ask for whatever reward you desire, and it shall be yours," Aluriel said, her voice faltering ever so slightly as she looked up into the plainsman's dark, impassioned eyes.  He captured her gaze with those eyes, held her firm. She didn't move as she saw him raise a hand from the corner of her eye, didn't flinch as she felt his rough fingers trace gently along her cheek, and remained entranced as his hand caressed the back of her neck.

"What I want," Darius spoke, his voice deep and commanding, his breath smelling faintly of cinnamon on the air, "is you." He bent his head down, pulling her mouth closer to his.


"Wait, hold on. You want to what?" April looked up from her notes, over the rim of the game master's screen.

"You heard me," Derrek said. "I want to seduce the princess." Derrek smiled as he spoke, and Mike began laughing across the dinner table where they all sat. The bewildered look didn't leave April's face.

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