Friday, March 9, 2012

Get Ready for Sex On The Trail!

Now available wherever the dirtiest of ebooks are sold, Sex On The Trail!


I’ve always had a pretty high sex drive, but the fact that I hadn’t had a boyfriend in months prior to the start of the hike, combined with all the physical activity I was getting in all day long, sent my libido through the roof. I masturbated several times a day on the trail, whenever I stopped to sleep or rest, teasing out orgasm after orgasm with my fingers. I would have loved to have packed one of my dildos, to have had a nice, thick rod to stretch myself out with every night, but I knew I had to pack as light as possible, so all my toys were in a box in a storage unit back home.

I had just started to consider making a trip into the next town I came to in order to find a sex shop when I saw him. He was half a mile or so ahead of me on the trail, and I would have missed him if there hadn’t been a long section of straight trail, without any bends for him to disappear around. He was hiking north as well, but was walking at a far greater pace than myself. I decided to increase my pace to try and catch up with him, or at least keep up with him.

As I got closer, I got a better look at him, and I definitely liked what I saw. He was tall – he had more than half a foot on me – and his rock hard calves and bare arms were deeply tanned. He wore an expensive and very well packed backpack, and it was obvious that he was an experienced hiker.  He also wore the pack high enough for me to get tantalizing glimpses at his perfectly sculpted ass as he walked.

Hiking all day while you’re so wet that your panties are completely soaked through, by the way, is not very comfortable.

I desperately wanted to pull him off the trail and fuck his brains out, but how was I going to make that happen? How would he react to some random stranger running up behind him in the middle of nowhere and grabbing his ass? Besides, it was all I could do to even keep him in sight with his much longer stride – catching up to him was out of the question, unless I shouted to him, something like, “Hey, wait up, I need you to fuck me!”

Soon after lunch, I couldn’t keep up any longer, and I sat down to rest and eat. I ate my energy bars and trail mix as fast as I could, but when I was done, he was gone. I cursed myself, and hurried up the trail, but soon slowed down and admitted the fact that he was just a fantasy, and I was probably better off that way. I resumed my normal pace, and knew that wherever I stopped for the night, I would be fingering myself thinking about him all night long.

When the sun began to set, I started looking for a place to sleep. I hadn’t reached the next shelter on the trail yet, but I had packed a sleeping bag and a soft mat to lay it on, and there were plenty of campsites to choose from.  I continued on the trail for a while longer, enjoying the sunset filtered through the trees. The path faded to orange in the waning light, then red, then finally the faint purple of dusk. I saw a marker for a nearby campsite off the trail, and I turned off towards it.

When I reached the campsite, I was shocked to find him there. I thought that he would have reached the next shelter with the pace he was hiking at. He had already laid out his sleeping bag, and started a small fire in the fire pit. He looked up at me as he stirred something in a pot over the fire, and then stood up.

“Hello,” he said. He was gorgeous – he had a chin that could break stone, and he hadn’t shaved in so long that his 5 o’clock shadow was quickly becoming a real, if short, beard. His shoulders were broad, and sweat beaded on his neck in the hot air and rolled down his unbuttoned collar over his smooth chest.
When I didn’t say anything back to him, he smiled and laughed softly, obviously a little confused. I had nothing to say, however. I shrugged my pack off of my shoulders, strode across the campsite, and kissed him. Any worries I had about how forward I was being vanished when he grabbed my ass and pulled me against his body.

After a day of hiking, his musk was strong and intoxicating. I tasted the salty sweat on his lips as I opened my mouth and let him in. Our tongues danced and our hands wandered about as we explored each other. I felt his erection press against my stomach as he squeezed my ass.

The kiss was amazing, but I desperately needed so much more. Breaking the kiss, I fell to my knees in front of him and attacked his shorts, clawing at the zipper. Soon they were undone and I pulled them off, along with his boxers. His cock sprang up before me, tip bobbing in the air in front of my face. He wasn’t even fully erect yet, but already he was one of the biggest men I had ever seen.

I opened my mouth and took in his cock, savoring the rich, musky smell of his manhood. My tongue travelled up and down the underside of his shaft, caressing the silky skin. I tasted more of his sweat, and soon a few drops of pre-cum touched my tongue. He moaned and stroked my hair as I sucked on his cock.
Relaxing my throat, I pushed my mouth farther over his cock, and soon he was inside me entirely. I buried my nose in his bush of pubic hair, the tip of my tongue flicking over his balls. I held him for as long as I could before pulling back and gasping for air. My saliva coated his cock, and a strand of it connected him to my lips.

He reached down and pulled me up by my arms, then lifted my top and bra over my head in a single movement. He leaned down kissed my breasts, licking them and taking first one nipple, then the other, into his mouth. My head rolled back from the sensation, and I pressed my breasts into his face. His rough beard felt electric as he nuzzled my tits.

He moved down past my breasts, and reached the top of my shorts. Just as I had done a moment earlier, he tore at my shorts, and helped me set out from them, leaving me completely naked in the firelight. He stood up and guided me over to his sleeping bag, where he lay me down. Spreading my legs, he then kissed down one of my thighs towards my pussy.

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