Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sneak Peek! Paying The Rent

Here's a sneak peek at an upcoming release, Paying The Rent. Jenny and Claire are strapped for cash, and the bills are piling up. What can they do with a video camera to make the money in time?


David chuckled, and rubbed his hands together as he looked at the two of us. “Okay, I can do three hundred each. But,” he cut us off before we could cheer, “that would be for one video, both of you, doing each other.”
I felt Claire tense up behind me, and she wasn’t the only one. Have sex, with my best friend? My heart pounded in my chest, and my pussy flooded at the thought.

“I don’t know,” Claire said. It wasn’t like her to back down from a dare, so I took the plunge.

“We’ll do it!” I blurted out, before I could stop myself. I looked up at Claire standing behind me, her eyes wide. “Are you sure?” she asked. I put my hands on hers, still squeezing my tits, and nodded.

“Alright!” I heard David holler, and begin to unpack his camera gear. Neither Claire nor I looked away, however. I raised my hand up, and touched her cheek, caressing her soft skin. She smiled at me, a wicked grin - looks like that’s the end of her hesitation, I thought. She took my hand and dragged me to my feet, then pulled me over to the bed. I towered over her, so she had to reach up with her other hand and pull my head down in order to kiss me. My eyes closed as our lips touched, and I savored the warm, sweet taste of her cherry lip gloss. Her lips parted, and my tongue reached out, gently licking her bottom lip before meeting her tongue.

“Hey, hold up!” David sputtered. “I need to get this on tape! This is great!”

Claire laughed. “I’ll say,” she hummed seductively. We kept kissing as David set up his gear - a video camera on a tripod, and another in his hands, along with his still camera around his neck. He pulled the blinds open, letting in the bright afternoon sunlight in. I had a gut reaction to tell him to close it, in case there was a peeping tom out there, but I quickly realized how absurd that was. This setup seemed to last an agonizing eternity - kissing Claire felt incredible, but I wanted so much more.

When we heard the click of David’s camera, we took that as the signal to proceed. Claire stepped back, and pulled her top off, revealing the lacy bra holding up her pert breasts. I leaned down and kissed her on the neck, starting on the side, and moving around to the front and down, trailing kisses down her cleavage. At the same time, I reached around and unhooked her bra, pulling it off as my face reached her luscious tits. She rolled her head back, stretching her graceful neck and pushing her breasts towards my face. I cupped them both, amazed at how hot her skin was, then lightly sucked on one nipple, then the other, feeling them harden between my lips.

“Oh, Jenny,” Claire moaned, and reached her hands down to the sides of my stomach. She then moved them towards my crotch, and the heat in my pussy flared up as she brushed between my legs. Finding my zipper, she pulled it down and undid the button, then slid her hands in and around to grab my ass. My heart beat even faster at her touch. She pulled her hands down, and helped me step out of my jeans. I heard David move in closer beneath me, pointing a camera up between my legs. I opened my legs for him in a wider stance, and wondered if the growing wet spot on my white cotton panties would show up on film. 

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